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February 24, 2017

How do we address the aftermath of the Presidential election and the factors that led up to it? The following blog posts offer insights into both:

"Leading Systemic Change: The I/WE/IT Framework" helps us organize our thinking about how to pull three primary levers for change: the personal, collective, and system levels that combine to produce sustainable system-wide transformation.

"Overcoming the Systemic Challenges of Inequity" points to a deeper dynamic that shaped the candidacies of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders: the destabilizing impact of growing inequality on not only the economic but also moral, social, and political fabrics of our country. This post is the basis for a longer upcoming article on the topic.

Both posts draw on the ideas of David Peter Stroh's new book Systems Thinking for Social Change: A Practical Guide for Solving Complex Problems, Avoiding Unintended Consequences, and Achieving Lasting Results (Chelsea Green, 2015). The book has been a #1 Best-Seller in Non-Governmental Organization Policy and is praised by reviewers as "an essential - and long overdue - guide to applied systems thinking" that "shows you how to enlist others in the effort" by "masterfully weaving metaphor, story, and practical tools" using "down-to-earth language". To learn more about the book, you can read free downloads of the introduction and first chapter or order the book in paperback or as an e-book here.

Finally, we are proud to announce that the first six sessions of our 12-session webinar series Systems Thinking Concepts are now available for purchase. Please click here to receive the slides with full audio commentary.

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