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These 4 articles provide a comprehensive introduction to the discipline of Systems Thinking – its history, benefits, fundamental approach, and evolution.

These articles are excellent background for any group taking an introductory course on Systems Thinking, beginning a consulting initiative, or wanting to share the basic ideas with others.

You can obtain each article here by clicking on the article title.


Author Summary
The Prophet of Unintended Consequences Laurence Fisher Profiles Jay Forrester, the founder of system dynamics, and the approach he created which underlies the applied Systems Thinking tools used in this website.

Systems Thinking as a Language

Michael R. Goodman Describes Systems Thinking as a language that opens up new ways of thinking.

Systems Thinking: What, Why, When, Where and How

Michael R. Goodman Provides a starting point and overview for people new to the field of Systems Thinking.
Systems Thinking Hits Its Stride Kali Saposnick In this interview, Michael Goodman describes how Systems Thinking has changed over the years and how it has become even more relevant today.