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Whether you work in a formal leadership position or as an internal or external facilitator, managing systemic change is one of your major responsibilities. These articles explain how to resolve chronic, complex problems by applying Systems Thinking. They describe guidelines, methods, and case studies for achieving lasting change.


Author Summary
Systems Thinking for Social Change: Making an Explicit Choice (Book Excerpt) David Peter Stroh Explains why people do not change even when they say they want to, and what you can do to help people choose in favor of their aspirations.
Leveraging Change: The Power of Systems Thinking in Action David Peter Stroh Demonstrates why Systems Thinking is so useful in facilitating change and describes how to apply it towards that end.

Building a Systems Thinking Culture at Ford Motor Company

Jeremy Seligman Describes the experiences of Ford’s IT department in using Systems Thinking to improve the performance of the company; includes commentary by Michael Goodman on how to apply the discipline for maximum impact.
Using Systems Thinking to Facilitate New Product Launch Michael R. Goodman Describes how Systems Thinking was successfully applied to the issue of a new product creation and launch at a software development company.