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These 7 articles summarize some of the most important skills and tools of Applied Systems Thinking today.


Author Summary
Six Steps to Thinking Systemically Michael R. Goodman & Richard Karash Introduces the steps in conducting a systemic analysis and applies them to an actual business case.

The Systems Orientation: From Curiosity to Courage

Peter Stroh Describes the orientation that underlies and reinforces the use of systems thinking tools, including curiosity, clarity, compassion, choice and courage.

Conducting an Effective Systems Analysis

David Peter Stroh Describes the criteria for an effective systems analysis and 10 questions that can help you meet these criteria.
Defining Variables David Peter Stroh Provides guidelines for one of the most powerful and challenging steps in Systems Thinking: defining the factors that change and that we seek to change over time.
Identifying and Breaking Vicious Cycles David Peter Stroh Explains how to surface the most easily understood dynamic in Systems Thinking and transform it into an engine for success.
Conflicting Goals: Structural Tension at Its Worst David Peter Stroh Introduces the archetypal dynamics that unfold when the actions you take to achieve one goal undermine or limit your ability to accomplish other goals.
Going Deeper: Moving from Understanding to Action Richard Karash & Michael R. Goodman Explores in more depth one of the six steps involved in thinking systemically about business issues.