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We have organized a resource library for you to learn more about Applied Systems Thinking. Each link will connect you with the page of relevant resources.

  • A set of 4 articles provides you with a comprehensive INTRODUCTION to applied systems thinking – the history, practice and benefits. This set of articles is worthwhile to read as an overview on its own or if you are going to participate in our introductory INTERACTIVE WEB-BASED PROGRAM;
  • Internal and external facilitators will find these PRACTICE articles especially useful. They summarize some of the most important skills and tools of Applied Systems Thinking;
  • Whether you work in a formal leadership position or as an internal or external facilitator, managing systemic change is one of your major responsibilities. These articles explain how to resolve chronic, complex problems by applying systems thinking to LEVERAGING CHANGE. They describe guidelines, methods, and cases for achieving lasting change.
  • Understanding and resolving issues of societal impact is becoming increasingly important for institutions from the private, public, and non-profit sectors. In this section we offer systems analyses of such TOPICAL ISSUES as the Middle East conflict and the growing income gap between rich and poor people.