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“Michael Goodman and David Peter Stroh combine more than 50 years of experience working with leaders to apply Systems Thinking to business and organizational issues. This website provides a wealth of information to help you introduce Systems Thinking to people in your organization, develop your own technical skills, and increase your effectiveness in applying the principles and tools to facilitate sustainable change. ”
- Peter Senge, Founding Chair, Society for Organizational Learning, Senior Lecturer, MIT

“The work opened a whole new worldview”
- Internal Consultant, Banking

“The work was instrumental in helping our business refocus its priorities. We were able to clearly see our engines of growth, anticipate potential limits to success, and identify the few areas where we could focus resources to achieve the highest impact with lowest risk.” – Division President, Consumer Products

“We facilitated the development of what will be a major cross-foundational initiative. The two program directors have both shared how this has improved their thinking and the program development.”
– Program Manager, Foundation

“This presentation really opened my eyes into creative thinking and problem solving. It developed a better way of thinking and looking at ways to solve problems before they surface.”
– Fellow, Public Health Leadership Institute

“The program has helped tremendously in diagnosing ‘messes’ and in getting to the core issues”
– Internal Consultant, Banking

“I will not plan and analyze differently again! I used systems thinking tools in the recent budget cycle. We are dealing with tough chronic issues with our project and the conversations are great.”
– I.T. Director, Foundation

“Thank you once again for sharing your obvious competence and wealth of experience with us. It was and is a privilege!”
- Internal Consultant, Banking

“I saw two experts at work, yet with a lot of humor and fun.”
- Internal Consultant, Banking

“Great job facilitating! You are both so experienced and able to transfer your teaching in a way we can understand.”
– Director, Foundation

Here's what participants in our recent two-day Leading Systemic Change workshop had to say:

  • This is one of the most useful, practical, engaging (even fun!), and informative workshops I've experienced in years.
  • Superb, detailed overview. Excellent instruction and interactions.
  • Facilitators led us through very difficult and complex territory by meeting us where we were at, starting with issues of concern to us, and easing us into causal loop diagrams in a very gentle and appealing way.
  • The presenters' flow and ability to complement each other in the presentation process made a very rich experience of learning information that could easily leave one cold.
  • Gave me lots of insights.